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Our experienced dentist may recommend a tissue grafting treatment if your supporting bone tissue or gum tissue has been lost. Tissue loss in the mouth may occur for a variety of reasons, including the loss of a tooth, periodontal disease, bruxism (teeth grinding) or overaggressive brushing. Tissue grafting treatments help to restore the damaged areas so that you can enjoy a better oral health and a stable, beautiful smile. Give us a call at 707-575-1900 to learn more about tissue grafting in Santa Rosa, California, and to set up your consultation with Dr. Kenneth Alford.

There are two main types of tissue grafting: bone grafting and soft tissue grafting.

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is often necessary after a tooth has been lost or extracted. When the tooth is no longer present, the supporting bone in the area may begin to resorb, or shrink. Bone grafting transplants a piece of bone into the area to create a stronger and more stable foundation that will support your teeth and dental implants. Bone grafts can be performed on both the upper and lower jaw.

Soft Tissue Grafting

Soft tissue grafting, or gum grafting, restores gum tissue to areas where the gums have receded or are uneven. There are several types of gum grafting treatments which may be used, depending on your individual needs and preferences. Our dentist will review these treatment options with you so that you can receive the treatment that is best for you.

For more information and to schedule an appointment with our dentist, contact our office today.