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3D Cone Beam CT Scan


Orthophos XG 3D Scans in Santa Rosa

XG 3D Cone Beam CT Scan in Santa Rosa

XG 3D Cone Beam CT Scan

We are excited to offer our patients the latest in Cone Beam technology. Having the capability of providing 3 Dimensional scans of our patients allows us to place and restore implants with optimum predictability, safety and comfort. In many cases we are able to do minimally invasive procedures utilizing an access similar to the size of the end of a pencil erases. Patients quite often leave without bleeding or stitches, and many elect to return to work directly after the procedure.

Dentistry is no longer limited to making a diagnosis relying solely on 2 Dimensional images. We are proud to offer the extended benefit of 3 Dimensional imaging to aid in advanced diagnosis and treatment planning. Our Sirona XG 3D machine features high definition mode, with resolution as small as 100 microns, where we are able to see additional canals in root canals, hidden abcesses, fractures, hidden degenerative conditions of the bone and tissue.




High Resolution 3 Dimensional Scans in Santa Rosa



 3D Scans Aid in Dental Implant Placement Dr. Alford Use 3D Scans to Identify Hidden Areas Latest in Cone Beam Technology in Santa Rosa

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