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Santa Rosa Orthodontic Options - Teeth Alignment Choices

Orthodontic treatment not only enhances your smile aesthetics, but protects teeth from uneven dental wear by realigning bite balance, and making at-home oral hygiene more effective. At the practice of Dr. Kenneth Alford, we provide options for traditional and tray-based orthodontic appliances, helping patients achieve ideally straight and comfortable smiles that last a lifetime.

Dr. Alford determines whether you or your child are in need of orthodontic treatment and helps you to understand which appliance will best suit your needs. To schedule your exam and consultation for Santa Rosa orthodontics, contact us today.

Braces for Adults and Children

Traditional braces correct the widest range of teeth and bite alignment issues. Once it has been determined that bracket and wire appliances will provide the most predictable treatment, Dr. Alford bonds the brackets to the front of the teeth. This form of treatment is ideal for young patients, whose smiles are still developing, or those who do not want to deal with removing and replacing tray aligners for meals and brushing.

The orthodontic bands that secure the archwire of traditional braces can be customized for a patient’s favorite color, or silver/white to minimize how visible the braces are. If you do not qualify for aligner trays and still want discreet treatment, we also provide ceramic brackets, making your appliances nearly imperceptible from a distance.

Santa Rosa Invisalign® Provider

Many patients avoid necessary orthodontic treatment due to the potential discomfort or the visibility of the appliance. By offering Invisalign clear aligners, our practice provides teens and adults the opportunity to straighten their smiles without negatively impacting their appearances. Qualifying patients have digital impressions made of their teeth, which allow us to create comfortable custom trays that gradually achieve ideal alignment.

Invisalign is now faster than ever! Treatment is often completed twice as quickly as previous methods. Patients at our practice can choose from several different Invisalign treatment options, depending on their personal needs. These include:

Invisalign: This standard version of the Invisalign appliance is ideal for patients in need of comprehensive orthodontic care. More versatile than ever before, these trays can be used to correct moderate bite misalignment, crowded teeth, spacing issues, and even teeth rotation.

Invisalign Lite: This form of treatment allows for more expedient care and at a reasonable cost. This is perfect for those who need minor aesthetic corrections to their smile and do not need comprehensive changes in bite alignment.

Invisalign Teen: For younger patients who want straight smiles without having to wear braces, Dr. Alford offers Invisalign Teen. These trays are equipped with sensors to show whether your child has been diligent in placing their trays after meals and brushings. This system also accounts for adult teeth that have yet to grow in.

Maintaining Your Alignment

Once treatment has concluded, we provide a number of options for retainers, preventing teeth from drifting out of alignment. Dependent on your needs and at-home hygiene habits, we can provide:

  • Removable Retainers
  • Bonded Lingual Retainers
  • Clear Retainers

Begin Straightening Your Smile

Our team is dedicated to providing the treatment necessary to achieve smiles that are attractive and healthy. Contact Dr. Kenneth Alford today to schedule your orthodontic consultation in Santa Rosa.

Healthy Smiles

What does your smile say about you? Let us help you radiate confidence with a healthy smile.