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Tissue Grafting in Santa Rosa

Dental implants are second only to natural teeth in terms of durability and long term health. However, for as beneficial as they are to patients in the long term, not everyone will immediately qualify for the care they need. At the practice of Dr. Kenneth Alford, we are able to provide necessary tissue grafting procedures prior to implant placement, ensuring that you are able to achieve the healthiest possible smile after treatment has concluded.

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Sinus Lift Procedures

The upper jaw is naturally less extensive than the structure of the lower jawbone. Patients who have been missing teeth from the upper jaw for an extended period of time or those who have experienced periodontal disease often need additional bone volume before implants can be placed. For those patients who have lost that sufficient bone structure, a sinus lift can be used to add support for the implant.

When there is insignificant bone mass near the upper molars, a sinus lift is used to support the nose and cheek area by protecting the sinus membrane. The membrane is elevated, and donor bone tissue is placed in order to stimulate new tissue growth. Once the bone has healed, implants can be placed and integrated.

Soft Tissue Grafting

This procedure is often performed when much of the normal soft tissues in the mouth have receded due to extensive gum disease. Gingival tissues that have become too thin due to disease and are unable to support implants. This disease can even leave the roots of natural teeth exposed, leading to sensitivity. Soft tissue grafts are made from subepithelial tissues which are tissues taken from below the surface elsewhere in the mouth. This tissue is then applied to a portion of the gums where the roots of the teeth are exposed, and allowed to heal.

Chao Pinhole Procedure

The Chao Pinhole is a minimally invasive soft tissue procedure. Rather than placing subepithelial tissue in other portions of the smile to cover the roots of the teeth, small incisions the size of a pinhole are made just above the treatment site. The tissue is then pressed toward the teeth, allowing them to cover the exposed roots and encourage proper healing.

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Dr. Kenneth Alford and our team are committed to providing patients with a treatment plan that helps them to achieve full dental health. If you are interested in dental implants or have suffered damage to your oral health from advanced periodontal disease, contact our Santa Rosa bone and soft tissue graft provider today to schedule your exam and consultation. 

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